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I went to the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco Friday night for the opening of Wicked the musical. As a theater neophyte, I cannot break down for you in proper lingo what makes this production so special, but what I can tell you is that Wicked, was so wicked cool.

The night began as expected … I was totally unprepared; changing in the car, trying to put on mascara in the dark as we weaved in and out of traffic on a rainy 101 freeway. We arrived 20 minutes late for press call, but right on time for the red carpet; a low-key scene which consisted of San Francisco socialites, clusters of black beret-wearing smokers straight out of a Shag painting and shutterbugs that flickered like fireworks at the pair behind us (Mayor Newsom and his blushing bride).

We checked in, and then quickly checked out. The line for the bar snaked all the way through the lobby and back to the press tables, YIKES. After learning we had 30 minutes to kill before we’d be allowed to our seats, we made a mad dash in the rain to a hotel across the street. I threw back a glass of champagne, the bf a glass of scotch. It was raining when we entered, but 8 minutes later, torrential down pour … naturally. The bf’s jacket kept my hair dry but we were soaked to the bone when we ducked back into the Orpheum. The lobby was more crowded and definitely louder, a combination of cocktails from the bar and a buzz that was not being fueled by liquor … but by excitement as the clock was ticking quickly toward show time.

I was very pleased when we were finally bustled into the theater — our seats were orchestra level — FABULOUS! (Big ups to PR director Erin Garcia, thank you!)

I forgot how much I love the Orpheum … the smell, the wood-carved ceilings … it’s a very magical place.

The only way I can describe act one of Wicked is like a big fat heart attack that one can only hope to have.

The closing of EVERY SINGLE scene felt like a huge grand finale. We’re talking heart-stopping moments … one after another. It was INCREDIBLE. The crowd roared and applauded uncontrollably. It was exhausting and enthralling to watch each performer pour their heart and lungs out right in front of you, for HOURS on end. It was brilliant.

I’d never seen Wicked before and purposely didn’t read anything about it, so I had no idea how the story was supposed to begin or end. When the last scene in act one closed, I actually gasped and cried out loud, “Oh no! Is it over?!” (Dork.)

The bf and I fumbled through our playbills as the crowd shuffled around us. When we realized that there was another full act, we were pleased.

We bolted back across the street in the rain (which was, at that point, down to a sprinkle) and into the hotel bar. The corner stools we sat on the first time around were occupied by a hooker and her cross-dressing pimp, so we snagged seats between a sulking business man surrounded by newspapers and empty glasses and an over weight drug dealer-looking dude who smiled at me, revealing his gold grill. After a quick Goose rocks, another scotch for the bf, we were off — back to the Orpheum.

I couldn’t wait for more Wicked. I was dying to see where this story would go. How could the friendship turn? How could a good girl go so bad? Who would get the guy??

It was easier to breathe during act two, there were less special effects and a lot more story. Each of my questions were answered as the tale unfolded with love, lessons about life, and a ton of humor. 3+ hours, and I didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want it to end.

Curtain call drew a much-deserved standing O from the audience.

Again, I am NOT a theater person … not much for musicals either, and this production was absolutely outstanding! I would go see it again tonight. It was funny, witty and just wicked cool … SO worth the money, imho.



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