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What can I say?

I have learned so much in the last 24 hours.  Top 3 revelations:

1.)  The proper acronym for World of Warcraft is WoW not WOW (my bad). 

2.)  The WoW population and its dialect are WAY more extensive (and twisted) than I could have ever imagined.

3.)  My boyfriend’s Ashes of A’lar status is seksi and pwnzor.

I’ve been blogging all of four days and I post one entry about WoW and BAM!  The World of Warcraft listened.  

A ton of you reached out to me to share your awesome stories, I sincerely thank you for the many lols!  I heard from exes, husbands, former girlfriends, parents, co-workers, current boyfriends, and roommates of WoWers.  I heard from WoWers who are old, young, married, confused … the casual players, the 60+hour a week raiders … and on and on.

The response has opened up my eyes not to the fact that this is a popular game, I knew that already, but that World of Warcraft is an important game and I’m intrigued to find out why …

I’m tempted to start playing if for nothing else than to learn this crazy dialogue which you all speak.  I think it makes me extra aggro because I know that I can’t just run out and buy one of those bright yellow Rosetta Stone language packs.  I know there are websites that break down the WoW lingo, but I feel like that’s cheating.  This is a private world that you people have created, it seems only fair that one assimilate. 

I appreciate those of you who double-boxed, and those of you who joined your raids a little late yesterday, to hang out with Oompa on my show  www.rileysride.com (weekdays 3pm-6pm PST), you will be the first to know when he returns.

I knew my boyfriend aka Oompa was the sh–, I just didn’t know his WoW status made him so lolstastic and seksi … so much so that thousands of you would show up to see his RL face and literally blow up my chatroom.  I’ve known the guy you know as Oompa for nearly a decade, he’s the best; wicked smart and he can keep up with me at the bar, which he equates to making a 2100 arena rating.”  Not until yesterday did I realize that he’s pretty much a legend in his world and in my world that’s s-e-x-y. 

Perhaps I should be the one buttering him up before a big raid and not the other way around?

Should I be bowing down to the Ashes of A’lar while serving a fennel crusted filet drizzled with truffle oil, scalloped potatoes baked with smoked gouda, and grilled asparagus tossed in a garlic sauce with a tiny squeeze of fresh lemon plated on a shiny silver tray?  A Johnny Walker Blue over ice? Coming right up!  With my chin tucked down into the breast of my ratty twill vest,  I shall /kneel, Is there anything else I can bring to you my Master Oompa?”

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah … not gonna happen.  Well, maybe … when Molten Core freezes over.



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